Ridiculous Rules See Many European IDs Banned in Vegas

Here’s the official slant from Vegas.com on whether you should carry your passport in Las Vegas:

Storing your passport somewhere safe is probably the best thing to do–especially if you plan on partying at night or spending your afternoons by the pool.

I couldn’t agree more, we were regularly approached by vagrants, pimps and prostitutes simply trying to stroll down the strip. Why this kind of harassment on the street can’t be controlled, I have no idea. With the advent of the dancing girls at the D, it seems harassment on the street has spread to the once much less annoying Fremont Street experience.

Which European ID’s Aren’t Accepted in Las Vegas

The following ID’s were not accepted:

European Driver’s License (note that these are government issued, highly modern and forgery proof, and IDENTICAL across the entire European Union – every single country has one exactly the same). Jeez it would be really tough for this one to be accepted.

Portuguese National Identity Card – many EU countries have these – see notes above.

At the following establishments:

Caesars properties, particularly (and this is a shame because it’s a fun place otherwise) Planet Hollywood. This was by far the worst – inconsistent rules, really rude staff (the Portuguese couple sat next to me who were staying there and had been in the Poker Room all week were grossly disrespected in front of the table by a particularly moody waitress despite being grey-haired, in their late 30’s and in possession of National ID cards).

The D: To be honest, the old Fitz was once one of my favourite places to chill out and watch the skyline on Fremont and drink a cheap beer. Now the balcony bar is shut and the new owners seem intent on destroying the place with excessive regulation. How about the absolute insanity of these exact words spoken by a 22-23 year old barman “I know you guys are in your late 30’s but I need to see ID” … “oh I can’t accept this European Drivers license, new company rules”. Jeez I’ve been drinking there for 10 years… I don’t think I’ll ever step foot in that place again and strongly recommend none of you do either if you’re from the EU. It’s the only way businesses listen – vote with our feet and our dollars.

You Can Gamble though…

Amusingly after having your ID rejected for alcohol you were always allowed to…

– Remain on the premises
– Continue gambling

I guess since they expect you to lose they don’t really care if you pass their ID rules or not for that.

The rudeness of some of the staff and the sheer ignorance of the rules combined to a couple of really ruined nights and I feel awful for the Portuguese lad who had already suffered some beats at the table to be humiliated and spoken to like a child like that in a holiday destination is disgusting. I felt ashamed to have always promoted Vegas so strongly, and I do wonder what the future for that town is? A holiday town needs to be welcoming, and accommodating and sure we don’t want minors drinking and gambling but asking over 30’s for ID and then refusing their valid ID is just stupid.

I’m not going to put my safety and travel at risk by carrying my passport. I’m in my 30’s, look it and have a government issued ID at all times from the UK… which is identical to 300 million other people’s nationally issued ID. The way the rules are now in the US for airports and getting home, you’d be a lunatic to even put your travel documents in the slightest danger or you’ll be stuck with a bigger bill than your gambling losses getting kitted out with emergency travel documents.

Oh but don’t worry, Planet Hollywood had another awesome move. If it was the only ID you had they could fetch a manager to patronise you, tell you how foolish you are and what a HUGE favour they were doing by allowing you to have a drink. Nothing like waiting 45 minutes for a drink in the name of process and getting a talking to like you’ve never had since school – but wait except when you were at school you were being naughty and throwing things at the teacher, now you’re an adult, on holiday, spending good money in their property being spoken to like trash. And you’ve only just arrived sober… I dread to think how they speak to the people who are having a good time already!

I will contact the D and Planet Hollywood and if possible Clerk County for comment and report back if anyone replies. In the mean time be aware you will be spoken to disrespectfully in those properties so if you’ve had a drink just leave and stay polite. Or don’t visit them in the first place if you have a short temper for that kind of thing. There are still plenty of places in Vegas with sensible policies and where you can have a good time. If anyone is interested in helping put together an official list of casinos who confirm they DO accept European ID please let me know – @ThisPokerWeek on Twitter.

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