Vegas 2013 Grind – Poker Spank Meet Up & More

Welcome to the new look FasterMule Poker – where we bring you SPULU to glory and everything else that goes into a great microstakes poker experience. It’s going to be a pretty big summer for anyone in the gang as we’re shipping off to Las Vegas for a few weeks in the sun. Even millionaire superstar Cliff ‘Poker Spank’ Shaw is going to be hitting the sand and hitting the tables at the Bellagio to attempt to repeat his tournament winning glory from March.

Poker-Spank Las Vegas

The official weekend of Poker Spank in Las Vegas starts on Friday 9th August and runs through until Sunday. Expect to see Cliff so drunk he forgets to call with just 5 chips left behind in a pot of $1,000,000 chips. Also expect to see Erik “Towels” Savage criticised for ‘not being able to take the heat’ that Cliff brings to Vegas. Truth is, though, nobody can, and the last man who tried is still in a coma two years later.

Expect most of the action to happen downtown with the possibility of late night heavy drinking and $1/3 no limit against the extremely drunk, but not as drunk as Cliff, idiots at the Hard Rock Casino. Since none of you are as rich as Cliff, we strongly suggest hitting up the Station bar for awesome cheap pizza, microbrew beers and the opportunity to get a ‘Poker-Spank’ signature for just $1 on Saturdays by which time Cliff will be signing away trying to pay for his pizza after busting out to those aforementioned idiots at the HRC.

Grinding Up the Cash

On a more serious note (although all the Spank guys will be in Vegas over the 10 days or so following the 9th including all your comedy favourites – Shad0wslay3r minbet poker to PLOMyGod himself) I’ve been grinding a few tournaments on Ongame (I’m not recommending any rooms yet as I need to do A LOT of due diligence before I even tell you where I play now after the crazyness this year has seen in poker room bustos!) and heads up cash on various sites. I don’t have a graph for the cash as I mainly play at donkey rooms that HUD doesn’t even work on yet but here are the tourney results courtesy of Sharkscope.

That seems to be in £ but whatever, most of my winnings came on there due to some lucky scores in turbos and some good running hu cash so I’m at just over $1k now. With a month to go need to get some volume in now to get to the $2k or so I’d like for 10 bi’s of cash at $1/2 live in Vegas. Will probably play mostly at the Nugget as that’s where I’m staying and it was very soft last time.

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